Angel themed box i made

Emblems and box lid engraving done on my Glow Forge Let me know what you think !!!


Polite reminder this forum is for sharing pictures and stories of work you’ve done, not links to social media posts.

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Do we have to have an instagram account to view? Ain’t gonna happen. Sorry.

And…2 days later I can see a pic although just the inside of the box.
I apologize if I came off sounding snarky but I really do avoid a lot of sites, starting with FB and going from there in all directions.

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No you dont need an Instagram account you shouldent and it’s my social media post about a product I make???

Instagram has recently ramped up the requirements for accounts, so it does exclude a fair number of people from viewing this.

That being said I was able to click it (on desktop chrome. I think mobile devices may force you to get the app now?).

As for @eflyguy’s position, this is no different from posting a youtube video, so I say you’re fine… but some people may not be able to watch it because of instagram’s weird restrictions.

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Is this shou-sugi-ban? It came out beautifully.

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Beautiful - the fractal burns look just like a map! Now I want to find the buried treasure :slight_smile:

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Yes thanks for noticing ~~~~!

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