Animal Free Fake Leather that's Laser Safe?

Hiii Just wondering if anyone has found any fake leather that is laser-able yet??? :relaxed:

The Johnson Plastics Saddle Collection stuff @evansd2 linked to above fits that description. I’ve used it. It’s definitely workable for some things.


erm… two posts above yours, as a starter?

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The saddle collection from Johnson Plastics (see a couple posts up for the cross link) is super floppy and stretchy, but engraves great. For patches and stuff it would be great, but for a tote or backpack, way too thin and stretchy. What do you want to make from faux leather?

Also, if you do a search on the forum for saddle collection you’ll probably find a couple of example projects.

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… though it could likely be adhered to or wrapped around some stiffer, thicker substrate, like many leather items are. For example, if I am remembering correctly, they sell keychains with a sheath of the Saddle faux leather sewn around some more solid insert.


Thanks for the info! I was thinking about making some earrings and bracelets from it :slight_smile:

Probably depends on the style of earring. For a feather, where you have a solid feather shape and engrave the detail I think it would work well. For one where you cut out a lot of really fine detail on the edge, I would worry about it curling (of course, I’d worry about curling with a lightweight real leather.) For simple shapes I think it would work great.

For a heavy, woven bracelet, or a studded one, I’m not so sure. For a more delicate one, I think the stretchiness would be an asset.

Be warned: I have no practical experience in the wearing or making of either.


yesss, thanks for the insight!! I would be doing very simple shapes so hopefully it will work. I’m excited to try it out :slight_smile:

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Any idea if there is a UK/EU supplier for this?

Not sure, but if you search the forum for “UK suppliers”, you can probably find threads and people who have looked into it in those discussions.