Animal Free Fake Leather that's Laser Safe?



Does anybody have any good suggestions for a faux leather that’s laser safe? Obviously there’s tons of vegan leather out there but it’s hard to determine which is safe for laser cutting. Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Thought that is a good question I haven’t thought about. Hopefully what ever the product you find would have a better smell being cut then actual leather.


Old thread with maybe some help


I’ve been thinking about the same thing – haven’t found any answers yet, though I’ve wondered about some old-style faux leather materials that used to be made of coated papers (used to be used for leatherette on cameras and other things).


This mushroom leather (MuSkin) is a relatively new product. Unsure if it’s laser able, but given that they’re advertising it as 100% non-toxic, I’d imagine that it would be ok? Imagine being the operative word… there could be other issues (like texture, or how it reacts to being burned, FE) that might make it a bad idea.


I haven’t researched if cork leather is safe to laser. I know cork is, not sure about the glues etc. that may be used to bond it. Looks like really nice stuff.


Just ordered some Kraft-Tex. I’ll report back with my experience. Thanks!

Pre-Release | Another New Material: Grunge Paper

Yes – asked some time ago if this was laserable


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Very interested to hear how it works. This is something that I have been eyeballing.


Looks like something a troll might have in their dining room :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Kraft-tex looks promising. Please do report back if this stuff could look, at least from a distance, like leather. - Rich



The look of the pre-washed kraft-tex (on their website) is very interesting. I may have to order some as well. Inkjet-printable too.


I bought two rolls of Kraft Tex after reading about it on the forum a while back. But now I can’t remember what projects I had in mind when I bought them so they are still sitting in the corner.


I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the laser. good?
Thanks in advance!


In the very early days of waiting, when the thread started about what PG materials we would like to see, this is one of the ones I requested. Being vegan, true leather is not an option, so this looked like a pretty cool alternative.


Any luck with this stuff? :blush:


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That is surprisingly cheap. Next time we order some of the engravable plastic for work I am getting some sheets.