Animal grave marker


Finished this for someone who lost their horse of 30 years.
Polished slate, which I found out engraves ALOT better than UNpolished when wanting detail that shows up better. Not sure why. This was a 2.5 hour engrave. Longest one I’ve done yet. LPI was 450 to pick up much detail. Had to put some work into the photo though to ensure engrave was detailed.


What a lovely tribute! I must say, that’s a shocking about of detail and gradient out of such a material.


I tried dark granite but that just doesn’t come out very well.


Wow! Impressive!


Been meaning to do something similar. I recently lost a fish I had for 14 years. :frowning:


It’s a lovely stone, and you got such great detail out of it! Thanks for the tip—I’ll keep it in mind if I try slate.


Was well worth it, great detail!


It’s a lovely memorial and the slate looks great.