Animal Rings



Love those! (They would make some great self defense rings too.) :squeeee:

edit: (And i hope those are some samples of the Proofgrade. I really like that engraving on the frosted acrylic look in the ears)


Well those are just adorable.


Super cute. My daughter will love those.


great designs. Glad your daughter is getting into it. Illustrator is a great skill to have. It has served me very well over the years.


Well that was amazing!! :smiley: :smiley:


Ok. Finally using the squee emoti. :squeeee:



(The local makerspace did a bunch of faux engagement rings out of 1/8-or-less acrylic with metal-appropriate thickness, and they lasted longer than you would have thought. The big diamond sticking out broke off pretty often, so one might want to design without an obvious stress-concentration point…)


They look so fun!!! If we make the ring part bigger - they can be napkin rings too!


Ohhh, that’s a great idea.


what fun! I like the engraved ears… they look soft, which is fun in
acrylic. :slight_smile:


Very cool. And I like that you included her age … it gives me hope to think that if a 13 YO can figure this machine out quickly, maybe I can do the same.


Those are so fun! Great idea!


so now it’s
"Mom or Dad… can you buy me those…"
“No, but why don’t you draw it out and we can make them”

lol That’s pretty much how it’s been at my house…since I got lasers… :wink:


Very cool and exciting for you both to be able to do this project I’m sure!


Cute! Gotta show my 8 yr old these. She’s definitely going to want something like these! :wink:


Those designs are really nice - congrats to your daughter. I love that she wanted to make something and designed it herself. My niece is 11 and wants me to make her flip flops, but now I think I’ll be helping her make her own flip flops!

I don’t know if she’s interested in making more rings, but there are some cool ones on etsy like this that use layers. Multiple colors might give her some ideas :).


Like many here, I’ve been collecting a list of things I want to try as soon as my GF arrive and my wife was sure to add rings like this to my list. :slight_smile:

Thank you for inspiring and sharing!


Welcome to the forum @BigBlueMark. Intriguing name and nice logo.


That is exactly what I want my future kids to say!