This just showed up in my twitter feed.
Looks like they are free and open source, and some are supposedly available as vectors, but I am having trouble getting their downloads to work.


Cool. Had to find the ray.


Neat find!

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Thanks Josh!

great resource. I had no trouble with the vectors. Clicked download vector and an SVG dropped into my dwnld folder.

I think that each animal is different (i.e. different sources).
I was unable to get a vector rhino.

interesting. I haven’t found one yet that wouldn’t work for me.
edit: fixed this link -> Rhino SVG

  • I am using Chrome on OSX10.11.3 -

Ok, let’s make this thing useful:

GF Ray.svg


Cool source!

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Awesome source, thanks for sharing @jkopel!

@marmak3261, that is equally awesome!!

That’s hot. Now add @dan riding on it…

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Wow I really love those colours! I would never mix the two when I think about it, but it really works! I need to make more of those bold decisions. I’m gonna run it through the cutter this weekend and see if it works IRL too :slight_smile:

If you guys really like silhouettes:


That’s the link @morganstanfield posted on the Facebook page I think - a terrific resource!

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Not on Facebook so I wouldn’t know.

Reminds me of The Noun Project. Cool find!


I love the noun project! We use it pretty regularly at work.

One of the founders put up a video on skillshare a while back. It was interesting to watch their creation process.

Kind of cool. I had never heard of the Noun Project. Of course one of the first images I saw was this one. Appropriate for the Glowforge Pro.

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So cool. I have a family cookbook that I keep updating and adding more recipes. I had a food font that I used to put a wingding of the particular food item at the end of the recipe. I started the cookbook pre-broadband Internet and stretched these images. Now I have a source for all my recipes.