Anna Akana Artwork Inspired Wood and Acrylic Earrings

Earrings inspired by, made for and given to someone I admire greatly “Anna Akana”. Her youtube videos have helped me through some tough times but also from a creative standpoint I find her very inspiring.

These earrings are based on some of her artwork. Unfortunately I could only find high resolution versions of the artwork so I had to try and replicate it in Adobe Illustrator which was challenging for me. The trace feature did not work very well on these. So these are not perfect replica’s of the artwork but think they still turned out pretty good.

I have included the photos of the artwork as well for reference.

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You really do beautiful work. I imagine Anna will be thrilled!


Nice work!

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They look really great and what a kind gesture. I especially love the red and white one. You did a good job with them in illustrator, but I’m curious, why did you try to trace them instead of leaving them as a rastor image and adjusting them in a photo program?


Initially I tried adjusting in Lightroom briefly but there was just a lot of what I would call “noise” in the image which the glowforge would detect as engrave. I was able to blow out most of the background but still had issues around the lines in the drawing. Engrave just wasn’t clean enough for my taste. Think if I had a higher quality version or artwork would have been fine or if I had photoshop I’m sure I could have fixed it. Also rather than spending so much time trying to adjust/fix image I decided to just use it as a learning experience to see what I could do in Illustrator.

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Thank you. Yes hopefully she liked them. Gave them to her during a brief meet and greet at a show she did in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago.

Aww, that makes sense and yeah, you’d have a hard time getting it done in Lightroom and would need a rastor editing program for sure. You just never know someone’s experience level and I didn’t want to assume you knew the image could be adjusted and engraved and didn’t have to be traced or turned into a vector. If I had paid better attention to your user name I would have guessed you knew that though. :slight_smile:

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