Anniversary - Family Tree signs / Batman! Magnet / Compass Rose Magnet

I started out just wanting a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law. By the time I was done … decided it really should be an anniversary gift! Used a file from Silhouette Design store for the tree with hearts. Cut out of PG Maple Plywood, the hearts are PG Fluorescent Pink Acrylic, and then mounted to PG Cherry Plywood.

Used super glue at the inner top of the hearts only. Even with barely any applied, it still crazed the bottom of the acrylic a bit.

Today, I made one with just a scoring of the hearts and then engraved the names directly on the Maple for my daughter and son-in-law’s.

Need some magnets for an addition to a birthday gift in early February. Downloaded the Batman symbol from Painted it after the engrave … little bits kept showing up in the paint. Left it on the bed … after the paint received a third coat … I cut the outer oval.

Downloaded a compass star from Added some spokes around the wheel, created cut-outs. Looks like I have it a little off on my glue up. This was a test out of PG Medium Draftboard. Very thin cuts … but, this is so fun! The “S” broke … but, it’s still cool. I will enjoy this one on our own refrigerator.


Your projects are so classy! The tree sign is wonderful—I’m going to have to check out that design source—lotta good stuff there. And the compass rose looks perfect to me.


It’s always fun to see what you make. I like the compass rose a lot!


As per always…all of them masterfully made. My favorite is the family tree one. Perfect!


Love the Family Trees! :slightly_smiling_face:


After having a large subscription for two years to the Silhouette Studio store … I have a lot of designs. My husband was a little tickled yesterday when he realized I was able to crossover between my crafts. Ha ha!

Even if you don’t have their software … You can convert them from .studio files to .svg with a free online source. So delicate … So cool!

@hansepe I was over the moon with the compass star.

@Xabbess @Jules. Thank you … The family tree was a lot of fun for me, because I’ve wanted to make it for over a year. The tree just seems so delicate and fluid.


Thought you might one of your own … I engraved the compass first, then cut it when I did the background piece. One word of warning … the “S” is VERY fragile.

Updated file after making some needed tweaks.


Wow, very generous and unexpected. Thank you.


If I hadn’t been rushing out the door earlier … I would maybe have thought to post it. Everyone needs one of these. I cut an old realtor ad magnet in a donut to go behind the large ring. (I did it the easy way with a Big Shot and nesting circle dies).

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I love love LOVE that family tree. How did you get the hearts red?

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I cut them out of PG Fluorescent Pink Acrylic. Then glued them in at the tops of the tree heart.