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I check the forums every day and it seems like there’s always someone necroing a post from the announcement section. I get all excited to read something new and amazing, and my heart is broken each time.

I think Glowforge should start closing threads in announcements after a period of time. This would help keep updates in the most up to date threads and in a single place. As well as closing them down from random comments, keeping new submissions in announcements exciting.

Discussion of March '17 update
March 2017 update

I think that’s a great suggestion, especially considering how our threads are prone to wander a bit.


I would expect a week or so would be sufficient to provide a landing place for the bulk of the comments coming from an announcement. After that, spinning off a topic for a specific item/concern/issue would be appropriate and provide some decent segregation.


I would consider not even allowing responses in the announcement thread, but for each announcement create a thread in the Q and a section.


I’d tend to agree with announcements being locked from the start, as they should really just be a place to read announcements with a linked discussion elsewhere. But that may require more time on someones part to set those up, and keep it organized. Just closing the thread after a week or whatever is simple enough.


Yep. Lock it. No loss of democracy since anyone can open a comments topic on the announcement. It’s a pain to keep seeing new stuff pop up in the Announcement category that aren’t that.


This is very tr . . . SQUIRREL!!!


I’d second the motion; but it’s already been seconded.
@dan what do you think?


speaking of wandering, I just bought the most comfortable pair of shoes . . . what we were talking about ? :rolling_eyes:




I just spent 45 minutes running some Tai Chi forms in the Yoga room at San Francisco International. Was I a bad boy for not doing yoga in the yoga room? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They have a Yoga Room? ROFL! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah. I have a couple offices in the Bay area so I’m here every month. First time I’ve ever been in there when someone else actually came in to use it. I always have quite a bit of time before the red-eye east so it’s a good way to wash & dry the brain before heading off for an ice cream and the cattle car. :slightly_smiling_face:

But it’s a legit setup between terminal 1 & 2. Complete with mats, rollers, blocks and antiseptic equipment wipes. Gotta love the Californians :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


And the “known by the state of California to cause cancer” tags on the wipes…


Probably the mats too. All that neoprene and foam in there. Fortunately I don’t need to worry about any of that - just toss on the slippers and walk around :grinning:


Trying it out for the March post! Thanks for the suggestion. If it works out, will lock the older ones too.


Ha! I don’t think you have any room to mock the Californians if you were doing Tai Chi in the yoga room! :grin:

And FWIW, the next time you’re there… there used to be a huge free group Tai Chi practice in the panhandle every morning. Pretty sure it’s an open/all are welcome sort of thing. I never participated, but it was very cool to watch so many people practicing in unison!


I wondered if I’d be kicked out by the room police (if there are any) for not doing yoga in the yoga room.

It would be a great place to grab a nap though which is probably why the signs said for yoga only. :slightly_smiling_face: