Announcing Glowforge for Educators

To all customers,

I’m ecstatic to have joined Glowforge as the Head of Education Sales.

I came to Glowforge because I fell in love with the product. All of the experiences and relationships built over the years with every teacher, administrator, faculty member, student, business leader, partner and parent have strengthened my passion for providing quality learning tools and opportunities for educators. As a lifelong believer in “Turning Dreamers Into Makers”, joining Glowforge made perfect sense as their mission of empowering anyone to print anything will give students the opportunity to ignite their inner creativity and grow throughout their lives in education and into their careers.

To support this journey of Turning Dreamers into Makers, we plan to expand our impact in education by forging partnerships with practitioners in schools and classrooms. Growing Glowforge is best achieved through collaboration and community and we would be honored to partner together to deliver creativity and innovation that will support you and power the future of education.

Calling all educators!

We are excited to be expanding in this space and would love your input. Let’s empower all of your students to be Dreamers and Makers. We are asking you to share the amazing work that you are doing, and want your opinion on what opportunities we have to make a meaningful impact in the world of education. Please send your suggestions, ideas, thoughts and stories to

Since we are in this together, I want to share with you what we are working on and how I can work with you to Glow and Grow. My primary responsibility in leading the charge for education at Glowforge is ensuring a customer-focused approach in building quality opportunities for learning and highlighting best practices.

  • Education Live Stream this Saturday, March 14th @ 10:00am PST
  • Dedicated Education page on the Glowforge website
  • Adding resellers to provide a broader support for your organization
  • Engage in active communication to gather your experiences and expertise
  • Committed feedback loop ensuring your ideas are being infused into future releases

You can learn more about our journey together to bring Glowforge to students of all ages in this article on Geekwire.

We want to create the best experience for you and all of our customers, partners and students. In the coming weeks and months you will hear more about what we are doing and I personally am thrilled to be a part of this journey and encourage you to join our mission!