Anodized aluminum bracelet blanks

I am at the end of my rope looking for a good quality bracelet blank that I can hit with cermark. Have tried a few that the quality sucked, and got one I liked and cannot get an order I placed corrected or a new order placed.


The Ring Lord has cuff style bracelet blanks.


Have you done cermark or a like product on their bracelets?


Cermark is not necessary on anodized aluminum - at least the colored ones.


This is where I bought stainless steel blanks to use with LaserBond, which is just like Cermark


To be clear - do you want anodized aluminum ones, or ones you need Cermark to mark? Those are two different things.


I want to mark with cermark. Just got some aluminum ones that do not mark.

I don’t think CerMark works on anodized aluminum.

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So you are looking for non-anodized bracelets.

I’m presuming you’re not happy with options on things like Amazon, of which there are hundreds. You might try:

Have you tried the anodized aluminum bracelets without Cermark?

Yes, but I can on the non colored ones.

But the quality is nice and they are finished on the edges? I am looking for good quality and not super concerned about price in that I am doing these to sell.

These look nice.

Yeah, those are the Impressart and I did use those but the last few orders have not lasered well.

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