Anodized aluminum gun part

Hi does anyone have a good setting for engraving on my anonized aluminum gun?

Best to do some tests, but in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum you will find settings for anodized aluminum that others have tried. You can also see if choosing the MacBook settings work.


I haven’t found anything and I don’t know enough to come up with my own setting

Greetings -
I found settings here and engraved on some repurposed anodized aluminum tags. Engrave - Speed 700. Power 50% @ 340dpi, 1 pass. Works pretty good. These tags BTW make great targets and give a very satisfying 'tink when hit with a pellet rifle.

Here’s a better pic. You can see the engraved aluminum part isn’t smooth and polished looking, exactly. So there is some variation in the right light. But the lines are super crisp of course.



All you are doing is removing a very thin layer of dye that colors the aluminum so just about any setting you use will do the trick. I do anodized dog tags nearly every day and don’t even worry about the settings, I just use whatever pops up first.