Anodized Aluminum

Anybody have a good post-June/2017 setting for anodized aluminum?
(Wish I had a better way to ask… like… oh I dunno… VERSION NUMBER?!)



Not all anodized aluminum is created equal. A couple weeks ago I did 90/225 (I think I remember that correctly) with @PrintToLaser. The aluminum I was using was probably a different coating method than you have, but I don’t know how that effects settings. You might get by with a bit less than that.


Interesting! I didn’t consider that! Thanks for the advice!


This is true…I have several different colors from the same supplier that behave differently. These react to the co2 laser and change color as opposed to removing the material. I also have some that were screen printed, I assume, or more of a coating or powder coat that needs to be taken off completely.


Cool. Thanks!

Meh… For this first attempt on this luggage tag I went 90/335/340. Looks super sharp and clean to me!

I AM curious though… Can there be too much power from a 40W CO2 with aluminum? I wonder what the harm would be, if any.

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I doubt it. You won’t do anything to the aluminum. All your doing is removing the anodizing layer. My first try with mine wasn’t enough power, and it almost looked like snowflakes. Not all the anodizing was taken off. It was kind of cool. I’ll try to remember to get a picture tomorrow.


That’s my thinking as well. Well, this run I’m going 100/335/340.

You can warp it slightly if you run it high power slow speed. Lol. Ive done it on my 30 wt


I can understand that. Full-speed ahead for me most of the time.
I was more thinking it’d be possible to maybe yellow to aluminum or something. But I’m feelin’ pretty good about it all now that I’ve done it a couple times. I just get nervous with new materials. :wink:


Your head knows that you’re not going to be able to get through the aluminum so you’re not going to be hurting your iphone…but your stomach doesn’t know and it does flip-flops when you stick that $900 piece of tech in there and hit the go button :smile:


I don’t know if this is anodized, but I re-engraved some faded doggy tags for the pups. 100/100.