Another 3 Month delay for Norway

My date is now pushed back to 18th of june(!), making my wait close to 1000 days. @dan I am by now utterly amazed on how unproffesional and clumsy your company are managing this. Always putting up managable timeframes for estimated delivery and then moving them out agian without any communication. Shame on you.


Hi @espen_svebak. I know this doesn’t help, but I really sympathise.

And agree with your point about communication. It seems to have been lacking at times throughout this journey and now to customers without their machines seeing shipping dates that were really close jump out even further without any explanation isn’t, to say the least, the best.

I understand a personal explanation isn’t necessarily practical, but couldn’t at least a regional breakdown/heads up be given for when significant jumps in customer shipping delays occur?

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Australian units also appear to have been pushed back to the end of June… almost 1 year to the day from the famous ‘production units are shipping’ announcement!

On the positive side by the time we do get our machines the USA units should be about ready for their 2-year tube replacements so we will get to see how that works


Yeah we get to see the effects of both 2 year tube replacements and warranty expiry.


Yea` mine was pushed to June 25. I need to discuss this with my wife but I think this was the last straw, I can hardly contain my utter disgust with glowforge right now.


It appears that, now that Glowforge have their automatically updating ‘date generator’, actually explaining any delays has fallen by the wayside. When this happened before Christmas I was on the point of cancelling. I really think that @dan should make an effort to explain these large date shifts. But I suspect he won’t.

NZ seems to have been delayed as well. My date has been pushed from early April to June 25th

Canada, the US neibghor, the delay always was frustrating, since the certification are essentially the same, since we are integrated, but, it was believable, but I went from late march, to early may to now early July. I can’t understand it. I could just change the delivery address to one in the US, but it would void everything else because I would because responsible for the canadian part of the journey and if any problem, full my charge…

So extremely frustrating to not know why the delay and the countries challenge and delay.


I’m going to poke a guess at the delays being regulatory/import requirements related. I’m sure Glowforge would love to ship them ASAP.

The same here, Im from Mexico and I thought it would be faster to delivery, but also they delaye it 2 more months

CSA certification is quite a bit more stringent than the certification processes in the US. CSA can also be quite ‘special’ from what I understand.

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