Another acrylic inlay necklace



Had fun with this one. The pieces fit tightly together I only used glue to attach it to the back piece. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the pieces…my son was too excited to get it…lol




Very nice work on the fit. You know your kerfs!


This is awesome. I bet every other pokemon go player is going to be so jealous :slight_smile: The matching shirt is a nice touch too!


So cool.
Is it a black piece of acrylic which you cut out, then cut out the red/white areas and replace with said colors and like glued on a whole back white piece?

And the necklace loop, is acrylic pretty sturdy? Wondering how easy/hard it is to break.

Such jealousy ;D


Was this final product from the toner test or is this multi color acrylic


Yes, all separate pieces. The acrylic is pretty thick so it’s fairly durable I haven’t had one crack on me yet but of course nobody is throwing it around LOL


These are pieces of colored acrylic.


Lucky kid! Cool mom.


SO AWESOME! I can’t WAIT to get my Glowforge to make stuff like this with my kids! Nicely done!


Mmmm, what is it with all this Pokemon stuff at the moment? Plainly, I’ve missed something somewhere.


No offense, but do you live under a rock? Lol.
Pokemon Go is the most popular game right now for your phone.
Although my family has always been a fan of Pokemon…my 2 sons are 22 and 12 so its been pretty constant.


Oh man, so cool!!! It’s stuff like this that makes me so excited to be getting a glowforge- the ability to have an idea and be able to hold the real thing in your hands within the same day! I’m betting some team emblems might be following the necklace? :wink:

Really wishing for some laser access, I seriously want to flood my office with little laser-cut pokemon now haha


On my drive from Tucson to LA last week the highway sign (usually used for amber alerts and road condition alerts) read " Playing Pokemon Go while driving is a big No No". lol At Disneyland they were playing it while walking around - can’t say I ever got into nor do I have the desire to download and play the Go version. to each their own ( I rarely even text and often leave my cell at home).


None taken, I’m not a game player and have little, or no, idea about any of them. I do notice the complementary activities hyping the launch of new versions or new games, just another demographic to sell geegaws to.