Another air filter delay

I’m a Day Two customer who has had to defer shipping on my Pro until the filter is available because I do not have anywhere to vent it. I logged in today to find that my “estimated shipping notification date” has been pushed back another three and a half months to July 26 – 1,035 days after my credit card was charged more than $4,000. And of course, I will not actually receive anything until well after that – close to three years after payment. And of course, I have no reason to expect that there won’t be another delay.

I do not think it is unreasonable to ask @dan what is up with the air filter. The sum total of information in the February update is: “We’re gearing up for our air filter build”. What does that mean? Is that a prototype build? A production run? Define “gearing up”. What are the chances you won’t be able to deliver the filter at all?


We’re confident we can deliver it, but unfortunately I don’t have any more detail to share with you about our production process. There’s a lot of complexity to building a great air filter, and as we did with the Glowforge Pro and Basic, we’re opting to take more time to do it right rather than rushing it out as soon as we can. I think ultimately that will make more customers happier than if we hurried, but I apologize for making you wait so long for your delivery.

Note that, as with all dates, this is the latest forecast we have for your unit, and others may have a different forecast.

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Interesting that your air filter to the US is now a month later than mine to the UK and you ordered two days before me. Who would have thought they would ship international before domestic?

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Yeah, and that would bother me if I gave the forecast dates more credence than a newspaper horoscope.

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There are several “make do” filters out there. I would not recommend mine as the intake is 10 inches that I am trying to connect to a 4-inch exhaust but it did a decent job of reducing the smell of overcooked chicken just running as is. they are not so cheap (you want to make sure it has both charcoal and Hepa filter and over 200 cfm power ) but to have six months extra to make stuff seems worth it now (not so sure of the future)

What the hell are you engraving? :slight_smile:


LOL! It was the oven in the kitchen and not the Glowforge as I have not managed the 4" to 10" connection as yet…

My own “shake-N- bake” formula with a cheese and teriyaki topping tasted great but did not smell so great and overwhelmed the house so I thought it a good test of the filter. :slight_smile:

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What cheese do you pair with teriyaki?

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I am a very eclectic gourmet best known for my southern fried sushi, Mexican pizza, and such so with plenty of mixed Mexican cheeses, bacon, and a nice teriyaki on top of home cut chicken nuggets with the topping highlighting spicy chicken rub. jalapeños, and plenty of garlic and turmeric with spiced breadcrumbs, dried tomato, and Basil, oregano etc. They never are the same twice as I rarely do the same twice and never a recipe anyway, but cheese caramels to a rich brown crust that I do use frequently.

As of today, the estimate is showing October 9, which is more than three years after I paid…

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That is crazy when you think about what an air filter is. They obviously don’t have the resources to develop these sort of products in a reasonable time scale. We have only heard of progress after GF was starting production, like it was the same people involved, not a separate team doing it in parallel.

I have a standard GF with a similar ship date… At this rate all of our delay “Perks” will be expired before were receive our units. :frowning:

Feel like I should apologise for my other topic, I searched and didn’t find this one. I’m with you. I’m very disappointed. My date is November. When I delayed my ship date it was mid summer. Now it’s late fall. I’m really upset about it.

So my “Estimated Shipping Notification Date” (ESND, which I think we can all agree is best pronounced “isn’t”) changed a bit: one day it went from October 9 to October 8, and then a few days later it went to June 7.

That would be good news – though of course only relative to the previous jumps to July and then October – if there was some reason to think that this number was attached to anything real. It’s hard for me to reconcile how the model could be so precise that some subtle Disturbance In The Forge can shift the ESND from October 9 to October 8, given that a few days later it goes backward by four months (and one day).

What fundamentals have shifted so profoundly to effect such a dramatic change? I could ask Dan, but he would just refer me to the ESND for the latest updates on the status. So I will instead wait for the date to change again to sometime in 2019, or last week, or whatever.

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Mine only moved out three days this time to May 6, which is a Sunday. Normally, it moves in monthly increments. Improvement??