Another almost infinite time sink



Here in Portland I just attended the monthly meeting of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock collectors).
Our chapter president, Jeff Eastwood just murmured one word that opens up a great big new time sink.



Well, the thread was originally “this is weird”.
When I taught cardiac anesthesia I used to cite Hirudin as an alternative for people who were sensitized to heparin.


I don’t know if we ever linked to the HolzMechanik but he’s got some great plans for geared wunders.


Thanks for the link. Supremely laserable.


I was thinking about, someday, trying to tackle the antikythera mechanism!


Ideas coming in too fast!
Both the great astronomical clock at Strasbourg cathedral and the Jens Olsen clock in Copenhagen town hall have geared mechanisms to compute the date of Easter.


You might be interested in this thread:


The HolzMechanic has a great Facebook page where he links all kinds of wooden clocks. Then there is this one:


Thanks for that link. Bookmarked!


Also: Orrery.