Another Box - Rolltop Design



This one is a simple prototype for a roll-top design…it’s a little more spacious and masculine than my normal style (just a simple herringbone pattern) so hubs will probably inherit it for his countertop paraphernalia in the bathroom.



This one was just to figure out what I’m doing…the next one will hopefully have a little more pizzazz. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very nice!
I kinda like the simple style of this one.


Holy crap, you’re killing me with these! I want them all (and the laser to make my own too)!
emoji not working…insert smile here.


That’s really nice!!


Great! (I like simple too sometimes.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice @Jules!

Next run needs a little room for a can of Dapper Dan pomade. :slight_smile:


Great design. Really like the corners, simple but effective structure to avoid the standard finger/box joints. :+1::grinning:


It’s great! A bit of a frustrating tease without plans though.


To quote a favorite forger of mine, “your making me feel inadequate again”.
Fantastic work.


Chuckle! This one was totally experimental (always measure 3 times before cutting, dammit!) and if you zoom the first pic you’ll see the boo-boo.

I’ll fix that in the file before offering it, but it takes too long to build these things to pitch them when I screw up. :roll_eyes:


Love it!!


you’re turning into the box lady… ermmm… box expert! seriously, though, you’ve done some great boxes.


I have to do boxes…I suck at drawing. :wink:


i’m a graphic designer by trade and i suck at drawing, too. those drawing classes in college were AWFUL. most painful classes ever.


Beats being known as a bag lady!



Yep! Worse…my mom is brilliant at it. I’m surrounded by her artistry. sigh!


Excellent design. Love the color and the style. Have been curious about using a living hings as a roll top slotted in some engraves. Not just a proof of concept here. Looks finished to me.


The elegance of your designs is really special. You’ve got a great sense of proportion.


:heart::heart: Loving your box designs!! Roll top is genius!


Shut the front door, that’s amazing!

How and where are you storing that living hinges roll top @Jules? That there is some clever work.