Another broken replacement part…. 😐

The replacement parts Glowforge sent me, to replace those that arrived broken in my last order, have arrived. Six out of seven arrived in good condition, number seven suffers from the same issue as those it was intended to replace. It has two small cracks in the wheel body, rendering it useless.

Time to message support, once again…. :neutral_face:


Well that’s a big bummer! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Irritating. :expressionless:


Very, and it reflects poorly on the company. They really need to invest in better quality.


I got sent a black lid cable that had no adhesive backing.


Wow. At least with your ability I’m sure it barely slowed you down.


Yah, that speaks to someone doing something who doesn’t understand the precise nature of the problem they are supposed to fix, or at least that is what I would guess.

Of course, I am guilty of cutting corners to get the job done. Details get lost.

Then there is the thing that perhaps this is a demonstration that the wheel problem is such a manufacturing defect that the part self-destructs even under no load. Imagine the wheel getting frozen somewhere in shipping and it contracts and breaks. It may have been shipped good but broken along the way.



I would be surprised if anyone at Glowfoge Inc is putting eyes on these parts before they’re stocked. They’re probably coming straight from the manufacturer/factory to the fulfillment warehouse, and the fulfillment company puts them in inventory to send out. They fulfillment company doesn’t inspect the goods, their job is just to accept goods, update the inventory, and fulfill orders. In a larger operation there’d be some portion of the incoming stock getting diverted to someone who spot checks the products coming in to ensure accuracy and quality… but whether that’s happening or not here, if the wheels they spot checked were fine, they wouldn’t know that some of the inventory at the warehouse includes cracked wheels. They won’t know until customers get them and return them.

TL;DR: 100% speculation, no need to read this.


Exactly, which is why I feel it’s necessary to inspect all of the parts that I order when they arrive. I’d hate to be one of the people who order a single part, only to find that it’s broken when they receive it, adding more downtime and frustration to their lives. :expressionless:


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