Another Car Tag / Vanity Plate (Mirrored)


I have been making a few of these the past week or two, but this one ordered he wanted a bit different, i like the results! (Mirrored acrylic with blue acrylic lettering)

(at least the bugs will get a good look at themselves as they meet it close up ;))


Looks great. I hope it is for a dealer or show car that only ever gets pushed where it is going, otherwise if it is driven you’ll wind up with a stream of orders for replacements. Unless mirrored acrylic is a lot more robust than I suspect it is.


No, its for a guys work truck. I told him I thought it would get chipped and dirty easily, but this is what he wanted. But I have made several with mirrored acrylic numbers instead of lettering and they are doing great so far.


I’m glad to hear they are holding up. Maybe you’ll get lucky and every year when he sends the state a check for new tabs, you’ll get an order for a new plate.


Haha, a recurring set of orders…sign me up.


Very cool!


Really nice work! Did you inlay the blue or just eyeball it?


No inlay, the tag is mirrored acrylic and the letters are just cut from blue acrylic. They are joined together with this adhesive.