Another CNC router system

haven’t watched the whole video yet. but looks capable of nifty things.

I watched about half of the video and then gave up. It’s selling the “plans” for a CNC machine that you then source and build yourself. The plans will cost $39 to buy and, from the scarce legit reviews I’ve read online, will probably cost ~$700+ beyond that in parts (if you can even source the exact ones).

Doesn’t show any footage of the actual machine in action and I highly doubt that most of the images shown in the video were made either by the maker or on his machine.

I’d stick with an X-carve or something similar.


My feelings exactly, and I’ve built my own already, so I have followed a similar path.


I was about 1/2 way through when I posted the link. not one frame of the actual machine in action that I noticed. close ups of the spindle is not the same in my opinion, and likely the same for you guys too. :slight_smile:

I wish I could recall the one somebody posted a while back that was 4x8, then had an option to have a giant spindle unit on the side. That would be the one I would get.

being able to make columns would be so cool.

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Was that one of the cncrouterparts machines?

All three of my machines are based on openbuilds parts, and I have a lot more faith in them than in what was in that video.

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Columns, as in porch supports ?
Like 4 poster bed supports ?
Like spiral table legs ?

yes all of the ABOVE. :slight_smile:

I don’t know. that’s the problem.

it was a 4x8 or 5x10 system with an accessory that would allow you to mount a giant rotary axis unit on the side, so it used teh saem spindle head

Have you visited the cnczone ?
I’ve spent some years on that forum, and it’s a very friendly site, with enormous following.


Also the cnccookbook folks!

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Just made a quick visit to the zone, to my favourite thread, Epoxy-Granite bases(just the sort of eccentric pursuit that you might expect me to contribute to :upside_down_face: ) which has run for 10 years, with 4901 posts, currently, but seems to have gone quiet this spring.


So now that if have my forever forge I can start thinking of building a CNC which got interrupted for the past two years while doing the Glowforge thing. You all have relit the fire.


It’s a bug. I’m constantly finding things I want to improve; to the point that the last machine I built was specifically so that I could make parts for the other machines.

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Mine is sitting in the UK workshop.
Do I just start again, or ship some essential bits over to MS ?

No, I learned a lot from my mistakes, so starting over seems the way to go.
Not sure how to break it to SWMBO though. :thinking:


If you’re looking into cnc kits I would suggest cnc router kits. I built a 4x8 about 8 years ago using the components for the gantry and sourced the electronics on another site. Back then they did not have a 4’x8’, so I had to scale up the design and its been working great ever since having cut thousands of sheets. The frame is 8020 extruded aluminum which is fun to work with because you can just bolt parts together, but it is not cheap stuff. My gantry is 8020 which I bought used on ebay, but the table frame is all steel and wood. Great system.


That thing looks so cool! Oh boy there are so many special toys these days. We are truly living in a technological wonderland!

Just don’t forget to stop and smell the :sunflower: :rose: every now and then! But don’t let the :honeybee: get you!

Buy :proofgrade:


Your link took me to an auto parts site !
Dropped the spaces out of your spelling and got there.
I used a similar ally extrusion for my frame and found it did a brilliant job.

Sorry, not sure why I spelled it out that way.
80/20 from a design standpoint is a great way to go. All of the parts just bolt together and their parts are well engineered milled aluminum. I wish they had the pro line and electronics kits when I built mine, it would have saved me hours of searching through cnczone posts for build ideas. I still buy parts from them for tune-ups and such. I also bought from them a Omer composite nailer which shoots little plastic nails that my router can cut right through without causing any damage to the bit. Great tool. I don’t have a vacuum hold down and I wouldn’t try to talk anyone out of one and if your work won’t suffer from a few extra small holes then it totally beats, the alternatives, like brads, screws, or double stick tape. You just throw your sheet on the table and fasten wherever you want with the composite nails and you don’t have to worry that your going to trash a bit if you cut through a fastener.
Anyway, great cnc resource. I sound like I work for them, but I don’t, just a loyal costumer.


For the life of me I cannot find that vendor that made the large flat bed CNC units with the ROTARY function on the side.

it was so slick.