Another Contour Map Generator

Here’s another fun online map contour generator. Find a place and map elevation contours, including bathymetry. It spits out a number of formats, including nice SVGs for cutting and stacking a topo.

[](Contours by Axis Maps)

Here’s my local mountain range:


Excellent find and share, thanks!


Sorry, I looked and did not see how to include this. I keep trying to find the data for our lake and am striking out. I’ve done a lake map on the GF and am pretty happy with it but would love some depth info too. Its a decent size lake (considering), but only about 20 feet deep at the max so I realize it will be limited.

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The bathymetry data is very, very sparse and is of low resolution. Inland lakes are notoriously hard to find digital bathymetry for. Tracing a local/state map may be the “easiest” way to generate the depth contours.


Thanks. I really do look before I ask questions. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t totally blind on this one. And yes, I’ve looked at many different sites trying to find the bathymetry data for it in the past with no luck.

This one doesn’t appear to use any inland bathymetric data, even for major bodies that are not too hard to find.

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Whereabouts are you located? I do a fair bit of GIS mapping and data work in my job and would be happy to check a couple spots to see if I can find any data. Name of lake, or county, etc.?

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Thanks! sent you a pm

Thanks for the share!

Thx for the new bookmark :beers:

If your state department of natural resources, or whatever it is called in your state, doesn’t have it online do you know anyone who loves fishing? Fish finders these days output their depth findings and the companies that make them pool the data to make their own detailed lake maps. You usually have to pay, but someone serious about fishing very well may subscribe.

Note: I don’t know what type of output these systems will have, but presumably it will at least be something you can engrave.

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Yep, these are the places I checked actually:) And also County GIS; bathymetry is less common, but County Assessor is usually the best first place to look for a lot of GIS data. I found one source that does have some pretty good data (fishing data source) but waiting for them to email back if I can download the actual datafile or if it’s just a straight plugin for GPS units.

@Pearl I was waiting to hear back to PM you back :smiley:

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I have a fish finder but I don’t subscribe to their service. I know I can see some of the data online (screen capture and lots of manual clean up work) and iirc you can download the maps to a card and then plug it into your fish finder. I’d be surprised if these weren’t in some proprietary format as this data is valuable.

Yeah I’m assuming that’s probably the case, but figured I’d ask them.

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Yup, doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, some waterways were free so you may luck out.

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