Another Cutting Board ... but used Adobe Capture

My wife picked me up a few of these for $2 at the local discount store as I mentioned I wanted to try engraving a few cutting boards. The wood turned out to be really oily but I still think this one of my cabin (no the Glowforge is not kept there :wink:) turned out awesome. The part I really wanted to let people know about was that for the picture I used the Adobe Capture app on my iPhone that Dan mentioned a while ago. I was playing around with photo engraving today and while I did get a few to etch nicely I think sometimes a stylized photo will work better with your project in the Glowforge. I know it turns a perfectly good two sided cutting board to one sided use but dang it will look good when it’s not in use. Anyway give the Adobe Capture app a go if you like how this turned out. I’ve also mentioned in the past I think cutting boards like these will be great sellers to realtors if you’re looking to sell some of your Glowforge items.

FYI. The blurred cork map in the background kind of turned out. I was fighting with a raster map, traced to vector, and then needed to crop it. Not fun and the Glowforge software didn’t like it much either. I’m working on getting a vector map to restart that project…


This is amazing! I hope you don’t mind when I get my glowforge if I steal your idea and do this to a cutting board:grinning::glowforge: for me. I too have a cabin/lake house in Wisconsin and this would look great sitting on the kitchen counter. WOW!


Lol. I just realized I screwed up W and N. Two dollars down the drain! Good thing my wife bought a couple of them.


Nice! :grinning:


This is great! I’ve played with Adobe Capture several times but have never migrated anything from that to the Glowforge. Thanks for the reminder to use it!


Or did you? Drat…now we can’t surprise visit…or can we?


A little white-out on the W and Sharpie on the N will fix them. No one will ever notice. :wink:


LOL or you could just relocate the cabin…:thinking:


Very nice! Would be a nice housewarming gift for realtors to give to their clients, for sure!


Assuming 119 N brings you over the top of the north pole, those coordinates place you near Yakutsk in Russia.

No Forge overheating problems there!


Terrific! Yes, Adobe Capture is a great choice to make things engrave really clearly.


Nice looking project!