Another day, another canvas

My father is a big corvette fan, and after many many years he finally got a 96’
Made this for him for father’s day on a hardback canvas for Dollar Tree. I engraved it slower and with slightly more power than my last canvas print, but, still not quite as dark as I’d like, but it still looks cool I think.


What’s a hardback canvas?

canvas can be stretched across a frame or across a board. i’m presuming that’s stretched onto a board.

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Nice. I just had a conversation with a jeweler today about Corvette swag. Jewelry from Corvette Fordite. That would be a good keepsake I think.


Hey all, in regards to the actual canvas I used, here’s a picture. It’s pretty thin, like 0.110" and doesn’t flex at all, which is why I called it a hardback canvas. It naturally gives an antique looking quality to the print when engraved.


That would be awesome!

Came out nice - he’s going to love it!

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Thank you. I wish it would have been just a bit darker, but, I’ll figure out the best settings eventually. Now just need to get a nice frame and be good to go

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He will no doubt like this very much!