Another delay for Australia


Bumped for January 15 to April 30. I ordered on the first day of the crowdfunding campaign.

Is there any hope for us?

Dang. I thought the two years we waited was bad. :no_mouth:
I guess the only thing you can hold onto is that you couldn’t touch anything close to these machines for what you paid back then.

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I’m sorry to hear that again. (sigh)

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My fear is getting an email say we tried but we can’t do it - here is you money back. This is what happened to me with the Wazer. They could do different power supplies and just said too bad.

You hold on, waiting, and postpone things hoping it would be soon. Every time I think hey it’s almost here it moves. Never though it would be over 40 months of waiting. Would have invested in something else long ago


I can tell you that when it shows up, all the angst vanishes, so hang tough mate. You have already proven you can, in spades.

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I’m also an Aussie, and just saw it pushed back to April…
I’ve had enough…

I already bought an Emblaser laser cutter while I’ve been waiting, but it’s a bit under powered, so instead I’m going to finally cancel the GlowForge, and buy a 100w laser from China.

It doesn’t recognise ProofGrade materials, but GF doesn’t ship ProofGrade materials to Australia.
It doesn’t have a camera for alignment, but there are enough tricks to alignment to not have to worry about that.
It doesn’t have a library of designs, but I do custom work mainly, so no bother.

So… farewell everyone.


I’ve got mine (via private import through a forwarder) be very cautious with continuing to wait for your machine. And I mean this is a warning to all Australian customers, if your machine breaks expect some very heft costs involved with your warranty. My machine has suddenly stopped working after only 3 months…it literally worked one second on a 20 minute engraveing job and then poof…shes dead. They have outright refused to pay for the shipping of my current broken machine back to them or for the sending of a new machine to me. Just so you are aware it’s going to be about $2000 all up to send one of these back and get a new one sent to you if you are in Australia. My advice…get out while you still can.

Be careful mate

@dan can you please confirm the warranty process for us in Australia. I understand the previous poster fudged things a bit by self importing, but I’d like to confirm please where we stand. It’s been a very long wait and I want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible when it arrives.


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Hopefully this video loads, if you watch it to the end you will see my issue is the fact that on startup it “centres” into the cutting bed edges. If I have the lid closed and turn it on it outright doesn’t do anything. If I do the leave the lid open trick and shut it after it does the initial startup clicks and can spool this is what happens.

Link doesn’t seem to work

Re uploaded

I feel sorry for you. Always thought this might be an issue for Australia. But I feel your situation is complicated due to the personal import.

Still expecting that with full shipments to Australia that GF will have sorted out the warranty returns in line with the 2 years required by Australian law (and what most people expect) along with two way free shipping.

Also expecting that GF will have a process for self replacement of laser tubes, to avoid returning to the US. I have to say I’m surprised Europeans have not raised this question more…

I had a guy from the UK message me before via fb after seeing my post about this on the glowforge users fb page. He said that his machine failed and they paid for his shipping both ways on the warranty items. As for weather glow forge will conform to the minimum 2 year warranty for Australia or not remains to be seen, personally I think 6 months on a machine like this is ludicrous no matter what country you are in.


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