Another dollar store discovery

Well on my (seems almost daily) dollar store pilgrimage (on my way to work), I noticed the following flashlight - anodized. For 99 cents I figured I’d try it - quick jig - engrave and WOW it came out better than I could have imagined. Picture does not do the crispness of the “engrave” justice. I went to pick up a few more today (last 3 they had) in various colors. for a buck these would make awesome personalized gifts for co-workers or stocking stuffers ! (Only 303 days until Xmas !)


Nice find. Looks like Amazon has them for just a little more.
6 Pack Mini LED Keychain Flashlight, MAXIN Battery Poweres Torch Light,Super Mini Key Chain Flashlights, for Home and Outdoor Activities. ( 6 Colors )


I will certainly look out for those—what a great tiny gift they would be.


Yep! Time for a Dollar Store run! :smile:


These seem like a good amount of markable surface as well…and less than a buck a pop. Not sure what the wallet is made off, so would only use the steel for marking.

Stainless Steel 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Card Tool Fits Perfect in Your Wallet (10 pack)

But you would have to use Cermark® or similar on it to mark it. (Anodized marks great w/ just the laser)

This is really cool, and they seem to be a dollar or so on AliExpress and eBay. I might get some for fun.

What was your process and settings? Did you have to use any cermark or anything like that?

I got them once and the wallets are thin pleather. Not laserable.

Not necessarily. Several people have posted in these forums of having good results marking stainless directly, or with other coatings than CerMark.

Would you mind telling me the settings you used? I had a very unsuccessful attempt on a aluminum ink pen not much smaller than this light.

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