Another early Golden E-Mail!

Long time lurker, first time posting. Golden e-mail received tonight (8 days earlier than expected)!!! Super excited to get this show on the road.





Well the forge made it here today with all of the handles still on the box! Besides a few minor dings on the bottom of the box, no worse for the wear. Founders ruler printed. Unit didn’t recognize the small proof grade maple sheet though. At first I though it was because the label had glare from the leds on it, but I moved the sheet and the unit still didn’t recognize the sheet. The print did turn out fine though, so I’ve got that going for me. Not on to figure out a better way to ventilate the unit because taping up my window seams didn’t quite do it.


Fantastic! Congrats!
(And you can click on the Unknown Materials button at the top of the left column and use the search tool with the word “Maple” to pull up all of the settings for the different kinds of maple Proofgrade. Just click on one to select it.)