Another fine and useful freebee


Along my paths for other things I came across a little program called Wood Woorkshop Primarily designed for virtual goods but can have a lot of applications to engraving and cutouts if you just twist your mind a bit.

Here are a few things I am playing with:





Board Gamer Coasters

another quick and easy


Nice find. Appreciate the link.
Will use it eventually for Stuff™…


Cool, thanks!


I am wondering if something that fancy could make a living hinge? I have made several and was thinking if they could bend 180 degrees as a candle decoration or some similar lighting, but do not have the :glowforge: to try it out yet.

the White being open space and the black the wood. Done with two at maximum size it could be 14 inches in diameter or seven and 22 inches long


Might be worth trying a small run to see, but when I reversed it, looked to be some longish segments all thru it that go in both directions.
Don’t know for sure but it seems those long sections would inhibit the bending.
Got it tucked away. Will try it one day if no one does before me.

See the red sections below