Another game insert

So one of the games that my son enjoys playing every once in a while is Flash Point - Fire Rescue; especially since the last few times we’ve played he has blamed my wife for the “house” “blowing up.”

I was looking for a game insert to bring it all together, and found the Broken Token deluxe case, which I almost purchased. But, then I thought, “I’ve got a Glowforge.” And, I thought it would help me in testing out some more workflows for more complicated boxes in Fusion 360–it did, but I still haven’t finished any new videos with it. So, by looking at pictures, I came up with my own version of that case for home.

In the end, I learned some more techniques–that I will eventually record–to build more complicated boxes, and got a decent game box out of the deal. However, through multiple mistakes, I ended spending over $140 in materials for a box that I could have purchased for less than $80 made out of nicer material. I really need to get better about prototyping with cardboard.

It was worth it, but I have a whole new respect for the companies that make these inserts commercially. The testing that must go into them is insane. For me, it required a lot of time measuring everything.

Getting the lid to fit snuggly, while still being removable was a challenge, and required a bit of careful sanding by hand. The lid wasn’t down all the way in the photo, so it looks like it doesn’t fit; while it’s not perfect, it fits pretty well. The trays that sit on the top eventually required sanding at the belt sander to get them to fit–my measurements were off in all directions.

Anyway, for anyone that has the game with any of the expansions: I seriously recommend purchasing the Broken Token case. It’s nice having everything together.




Great lookin’ box! :grinning:

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Good technical achievement. Not easy to manage that much stuff with precision.

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Everything ended up coming together well, but for the top trays, I forgot to subtract the width of a wall in each direction; since there are two trays each way. I ended up having to sand down the walls of those trays quite a bit.

At that point, I had consumed quite a bit of material, and wasn’t willing to throw it away. Also, I mis-measured the top, so the trays are not sized equally, and only fit together one way. Since I’m not making more of them, it doesn’t matter.

Wow, what a great project! I like seeing organizational aids. This one really covers all the bases perfectly.

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Very nicely designed.

An amazing piece of work!

I think you might find Revolution Plywood a better source to experiment with as it can be finished very well and stronger and less flammable than cardboard and $140 would give you 288 square feet or about 9 - 4’ x 8’ sheets. It is not as strong as Oak Plywood but near half the price which is itself not terrible

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I’ve seen mixed feedback on whether or not Revolution Ply is laser safe. I have only seen it in 5mm. Have you seen it in 3mm or 1/8”?

I have cut a lot of it and not found any issues even with the usual “filler” problems endemic with most real wood plywoods. I have only a few issues: the “Nice” side is only on one side and less than paper thin, and the underneath wood is soft and will break or crush easier than any other ply I work with. It comes only at 5mm but like most stuff I work with is 6mm I do not regard it as a severe problem.

I have a fair amount of 3mm in other stuff and am trying to use it, but particularly as pieces get larger it gets looking over thin to my eye. I made a number of “cigar box” sized boxes and even looking at some actual boxes for cigars, they are in the 5-7mm range. Only the cheap cardboard ones are 3mm.

this is Revolution wood


Great job

I am not smart enough to play a game that requires this big a box