Another group but with a twist

I know what your thinking another Glowforge Facebook group. However I teamed up with Nick to make a group with resources to tutorial videos, file testers if you want to sign up, and sales leads for physical items too if you want to check them out and sign up for that too.

Here’s an intro video I made covering what’s all in it and how it’s involved:

If you want to join here’s a direct link too and is in the video description too:

Thanks for your time, can’t wait to see it grow. Keep in mind this is opening day and will take a little bit of time to grow and get new people signing up for different resources. I think these are going to help everyone from new owners to advanced businesses make sales.



Good luck!!


For those of us that can’t really hang with the slow pace of videos: how is this different from other Facebook groups? What’s the differentiator that would tempt someone to join?

Why is it called glowforgeathome?

Tutorial section has resources both longer and shorter fast paced videos, commonly answer questions typed out too, resources to different sites and programs to use with your laser and generators. Also resources to free files and premium files all in it’s one dedicated pinned post and not scatted all over the place.

Second dedicated post is for people to sign up to be file testers for people who design new files that are low on materials. This provides free files to people who want to test and helps people who are low on materials who designs and give them valuable input and a up front review to inject higher premium files into the community vs non tested ones made with program generators. We have 5 people so far on first day offering to be testers so far (Thank you to everyone who’s participating!)

Third dedicated post is for people who sell physical designs to get free sales leads. This works by someone who sells digital items only gets a request by a client to make one of there items into a physical item. That designer doesn’t want to make it, so they can come to that post and choose from a list of participants who sells and ships physical items which has where they ship from listed for better access to the client. The person who gets the physical sale then takes over from that point with no expected prices set up and they talk over the details with the client. That seller can choose to have the client pay for the file for a one time physical item sale or they can pay for the design themselves for whatever is listed in the designers terms. This insures the client is happy for getting the item, the designer makes a sale, and the physical item seller gets a complete free sale lead and can choose a path for the file.

There are a few other plans in the future such as free file group builds and free file giveaways.

Hopefully this helps set us apart and you see the value in it so everyone helps everyone and everyone wins. There is no selling of the leads or the files testers trading files for photos only or just the sales lead for the purchase of the design based on how the physical item seller structures it with the client.

Oops I forgot to answer the last question. It’s called Glowforge at home to be an all inclusive group for people whether they are looking for free sales leads or tips for their glowforge at home business or if they are just glowforging at home for hobbies and want to share there projects and looking for help if they are brand new too. I think it will tie in well once we start doing group projects too once we get bigger. So everyone can do an at home project together and show off variations of it.

I think t his will be a valuable resource for people at many levels of expertise. Thank you for doing this.


Managing a FB group is no small task. Best of luck! I know you’ve helped plenty of people with your videos, so it seems like it could be a great resource.


No problem anytime.

Thank you

Wow can I just say thank you to everyone who is joining and participating already.

200 members in a days time
6 file testers and 2 physical items sales lead participants

I’m blown away, you guys are awesome, this is going to hopefully help a lot of people. Such a great community we are in.


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