Another leather wallet


Hey folks.

I cannot remember where and what video I saw @dan talked about his wallet he made. But I remember the story was along the lines of him going into a leather shop and the owner trying to talk him out of it. The result was he lasers a wallet and wowed the owner(Dan tells it way better).

I get the impression the owner of the store envisioned Dan trying to do something along the lines of this video:

And if that video doesn’t set your hairs on end and make you weep at the craftsmanship, his leather belt one is awesome too:

I can see how the laser eliminates a slew of tools and years of hands on experience.


Nice find. That’s craftsmanship. I may have my first commission. My brother #4 is a keen cyclist. His saddle needs repairs. I have the kit now and a Glowforge. We’ll see what happens.


As always , video it!


Love the videos! Wish I could watch the stitching segments on a continous loop – I’d be lulled into a hypnotic state in no time!


Awesome find, I could watch that all day. I find when the cameraman zooms in, my nose gets pulled towards the screen like he’s hittin’ me with tractor beams…(


That’s passion for you work, and in this case, art.