Another new desk type made on CNC

Saw a new youtube from ToolsToday, they do have some good ideas, this one is desk made on a CNC, they had a link to opendesk, which I placed below.
You can download free plans from the site, I know this is for CNC but, you could take the plans scale them down and make a plant stand, a holder for DVD’s, or Books and cut them out on the Glowforge.
That is when we get them.:grinning:

A link to the plans.


I like the Opendesk concept a lot, unfortunately, most of their stuff is too big to cut on the GF. Yes, you can scale them down directly or you can study the concepts and apply them to smaller things.


Sweet. Some/many of those don’t just need a CNC, they need a big honking CNC.

But. One of the things on my structural to-do list once the GF arrives is laminations and torsion boxes. You could piece all the big bits together with sections cut to avoid through seams. And cuts are supposed to be fast…


I bought in on the shaper origin for making desks and other things. Shameless promotion if you follow the link. It’s pretty cool.


Me too, won’t churn out work like a full sheet shopbot but for my limited room looks great.


I’m in on the Shaper as well since I have zero space for a permanent machine installation. I think it will work fine for one-off projects.

I figure if I have need for a larger project or a production run of something, CNC router work is a dime a dozen. In my tiny town there are at least 10 cabinet makers that are CNC equipped, as well as several boat manufacturers that are as well.


I’m also excitedly waiting on my Origin, but here’s another option that I’m getting specifically to make furniture from Opendesk. At ~$350 plus a router, you can’t ask for a more cost effective way of getting into CNC, and it has a pretty small footprint for being able to work a full sheet of plywood.


George Jetson had a flying car by now…

I think they’re taking pre-orders…

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Oh, sorry, yes; I was referring to this flying car…and Jetson was my justification for ordering it…


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To bad I missed the Kickstarter. :frowning: but I did spend $1 and reserve a place in line…

I managed to get on the list for the second production run of MaslowCNC. Really active forum and group. I have yet to be able to set it up since it came right after Hurricane Maria. They just keep improving the kit and frame design. Can’t wait…

Oh damn I wish I’d seen that first!

I backed this guy, but it feels like they are quite a ways away from shipping yet.

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I’m so upset that I missed this campaign. I definitely would have backed it. On the list to receive notification when they begin taking pre-orders, though.

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On with the round two group for the Shaper.Origin. I have a problem with buying tools.

Any idea on when they will be shipping?

They are hopeing/planing to start shiping round two in February. I have mine (round one) and while sickness and oblications has mostly kept me a way it looks like a great little kit.