Another new material for me


That’s funny. I do the same thing but against the left side.

Are you right handed? (I’m left handed.)


right handed, of course. Funny how that works!


Hey @jules, @marmak3261 and @jamesdhatch, do we have a summary of these techniques in Glowforge Tips and Tricks? That’s the first place I’d look, or send someone who is looking, for help on this subject.


There’s an overview on how to do a double sided engrave. :grinning:
(Which includes creating the jig.)


I haven’t done a tutorial type for tips and tricks. Just Made on a Glowforge for the pencil thing. Dang. I really should do something like this and a video. Just lazy.

@takitus has one.


I am surprised many times about how one process runs into or over another…and I think I don’t know something or don’t remember it being mentioned, then find out that it’s been covered a bazillion times by several people. And, believe me…I DO use the search feature. Many thanks to you all who have rehashed the same stuff over and over for me.


There’s really only about four or five processes. Everything is just a combination of one or more.

(And you’ll get used to it pretty quickly once you stop running away to reunions.) :wink:


Oh no, we have at least one more big improvement in the hopper. Great work @Xabbess!


It finally happened…I had a dream about this particular subject last night. Very happy to awaken and find out that the solution is at hand anytime I want to use it. Felt like my brain was on Glowforge overdrive. Whew! :grinning:


Hey, that’s great! New materials are so much fun! I just tried aluminum a week ago. It was so damn cool I bought more. Not that I have a use at the moment. :wink:

My next new material test is laser foil. Got a roll last week but haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.


Me too! I bought some anodized aluminum cuff bracelet blanks. Can’t wait to try them out.