Another Nixie Clock

I finished this clock a year ago but just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to make for a case. Finally started putting something down in Inkscape and came up with this. I am pretty happy with it.


Very nice, love these.

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Really nice! :slight_smile:

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The glow is great.

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I keep wanting to build a nixie clock but don’t want to spend the cash on the tubes. Seeing projects like this makes me forget the wallet! REALLY nice!

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I got a complete (assembled) one from Ukraine for less than the cost of the components.

I just knocked it off the table and a tube is out, have replacement but add it to the list of things I need to get around to…

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Have you seen Lixie?


I have - and I prefer the nixie. It’s the look of the bulbs / retro look that I like.

They are mesmerizing…

Found a Russian one on Etsy for $122.

My wallet suffers again…

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That’s a good deal! They are certainly more expensive than one would think they should be. I enjoy putting together the DIY kits from GRA and ACFH in Ukraine, but even DIY kits are more than that!

Mine was $80 shipped (assembled) from Ukraine. That was early 2017, however.

I’m an EE and love building but couldn’t find a kit for that price.

So much attention to detail! Every time I look I see something new.


Thank you!!

Wow! Love it!

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