Another one

Adding another laser to the bunch. I was lucky enough to get a pre-release of the new WeCreat Vision diode laser to review. So I now get to add it to the collection lol.

The auto lift on it is pretty cool and allows for quite a bit of room for bigger items and the rotary tool but I haven’t got to test out the rotary yet.


What a cute little laser. $999 with an enclosure and a rotary is a pretty good deal if it works well.


It seems to work well for a diode laser (a little slow) but I don’t have another diode laser to compare it to live in person with. It’s a 20w so I would assume it’s faster than the aura’s 7w. I only have access to the beta software when I was doing test with it and I couldn’t figure out how to group the text that was turnt to a vector but I think that is a simple fix in software that will be in the public non beta version. I believe the beta software was geared with their in software design in mind cuz in software text is pregrouped and doesn’t need to be vectored. Kinda like glowforges text in premium.
I did upload my own designs and it works still it just did each letter individually. Could be that I was doing something wrong too, I’m still learning all the ins and outs of the software.

There preset options for settings are pretty cool though cuz they literally have a test engraving photo show up and you click what you want your shading to look like and it auto sets the settings too that. So it’s not just one preset per material it’s like a large list of different shades you can pick.


Can you one-pass cut 1/8" plywood? Or thin proofgrade?

The aura can’t, so that would be a big differentiator for me.
Also, 11.5x16" or so is much larger than the aura.

Can you pop it open to give us a good look at the motion control systems?

On technical specs it lists the focus system as “laser radar”. uh… which is it? :slight_smile:

They also never seem to say anywhere what wavelength the light is. Is it in the docs? Doesn’t appear to be on their website.


Yes I cut 1/8 birch one pass.
The radar I’m guessing is the red dot that shows where the head is going to land and the auto focus where it uses the red dot mixed with the up and down auto focus.
The wavelength idk.
Everything else (all of the components, live cut speeds and the one pass on 1/8) I have in this video I made if you want to see it:


Here’s some inside top down photos I took too.


Interesting. Trying to figure out the y axis movement system from those pics. I’ll have to watch the video.


Looks like the stepper motor in photo 1 controls front to back movement and the stepper in photo 2 controls left to right( I don’t know which they are calling “X” and which is “Y”).


Right I see the steppers, but I don’t see a rail or belts. geared track somewhere?


Hmmm…another diode laser.


I definitely prefer the glowforge co2 speed over this


Update on this, the Wi-Fi is now connecting now that I brought the laser down to my parents house to test the Wi-Fi. I think the issue is my Wi-Fi name has a space between the name of it and not all together for example “network name” and my parents “networkname”. I believe the space is throwing it off since in when attempting at my house only the first part shows up “network” without the rest after the space. I have reported the findings to them. It seems like there email support is pretty good right now as they replied within 24 hours each time and on their non business days.


Here’s a new video I made on all of the software options, maybe you can see something I missed as there are a few things I’m not sure what it is right now without the official manual/help page for settings yet lol:


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