Another Periodic Table

Nice! Seeing this and your purse project, I can say you are very talented.
I can’t imagine getting an even color like that with a sharpie.

Where did you source all the different colors of acrylic?

Up a ways, ppipa1 commented that it is frosted acrylic colored with a Sharpie. The fills are an alcoholic ink applied before the masking was peeled off.


I totally missed the frosted part. Thought ppipa1 was referring to the lettering only. Thanks for the response.


Neat puzzle. You’re very generous posting the svg files.


First: That’s totally amazing.

Second: I need to do something like that for a computer keyboard. :slight_smile:

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Great first project! :grinning:

You are very talented and SOOOO very kind for sharing.

That. is. Magnificent. Thank you so much for posting the file!

That’s a great teaching tool and puzzle

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Wowzer! This is one of the best designs. Thanks so much for sharing this. Really cool. Amazing that you didn’t have to use different colored acrylic. Looks great.

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Very impressive. I am totally going to use that coloring technique on a project I am working on. Thanks

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That really is germanium nickel uranium sulfer !!!


Wow, this is the highlight of the month! Really, really impressive, and so generous of you to share the files. Thanks so much!

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Believe me!! I’ve depended heavily on shared files. Between two FFF printers, a form 2 and now a glowforge it’s about time I give back to the community! Happy to give whatever I can and grateful to all out there who do likewise. We really are an amazing community I must say! Thanks to y’all!!


I must make one!!! (My GF is on a UPS truck and should be at my door in a few hours…and I will be thinking of this project…PERIODICALLY)


Thanks so much for this! My son is required to memorize some of this in chemistry class this semester. I think he’ll have fun making this and learn at the same time.

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Beautiful job.

FYI, elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 have been named. Their symbols are Nh, Mc, Ts and Og respectively.


Good to know! Thanks. I should have checked on that before rushing into this one!

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Very Very Cool! Thank you for sharing. This is really neat! I will be making one. Where do you get frosted Acrylic from?