Another Periodic Table


Yet another periodic table puzzle. My first start to finish project. !


Cut Draftboard kitschy earrings hand painted up 80s Memphis Milano style!

AWESOME! I hope this ends up as a file that can be purchased. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how user contributions to the catalog are going to work, (if they even happen). But if I can get enough time in to write up a tutorial for the prints I’ll post it here if there is enough interest.




Wow!!! Wish I had this when I was learning the periodic table.


Wow, that’s so cool. The way you did the colors is really clever.


How’d you do your fills? Looks awesome.


Thanks. Sharpie on the frosted side of frosted acrylic. Hard to get even but a little alcohol rub helps out.


Black alcohol based ink before weeding( Copic Pen). Then clean with a Zeiss lens wipe.


looks good from here!


I have svg’s if people want them. But also a noob question. How do I post them?


This is totally, completely, awesome. Nerd power!


Awesome. This is definitely something that would be a great catalog item whenever GF team opens it for user submitted designs.


You can drag and drop, or use the upload button 04%20AM

If you are using illustrator, “save as a copy” using these settings:


some folks have issues uploading svgs; you may need to zip the file, or post it as a PDF if the SVG doesn’t work.


That’s clever. Ive colored some wood with alcohol markers and really liked the effect, but color acrylic was really streaky. I’ll have to try it again and see if alcohol helps.


I could not get a good color on clear acrylic at all (hours of tries) but the frosted worked great!




Excellent work!


Awesome! I’ll be saving this one for the kids for sure!


Wow, before I even clicked on this I was hoping you had done it in acrylic, and you have! Not only have you done it in acrylic, you’ve done it in colors - spectacular!