Another Perpetual Calendar

My sister-in-law saw a small, pocket, perpetual calendar online and wanted to know if we could make anything like it. After a few sketches I realized it wouldn’t be too hard to make.

My first post is also my first design that I did from scratch. Hopefully you are able to enjoy it. I’ll post photos of it once it’s done drying.

perpetual calendar3|223x500

So here is a revised calendar.

  1. It has ALL The proper days and dates on it :slight_smile:
  2. It’s slightly larger in size
  3. The openings have been adjusted as well to accommodate everything. TOP WITH INNER
    For the bottom part of the calendar, I just recut the crescent and ignored the pink cut guides

Any questions, comments, or suggestions - I’m all ears.


Can’t wait to try it, thanks!
And welcome to the forum!

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Yes, welcome to the forum!

My mother had a brass one on her dresser when I was growing up. I’ve always been fond of them.

So, it was just brought to my attention that I’m missing Sunday on the day slider. :frowning: Other than that, it works out great.

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Hey! It’s supposed to be a day of rest, right? Who’s got time to mess with the calendar!


That’s a lovely design! I think we’re gonna like seeing what you do with your forge :smiley:

Thanks so much! Looking forward to your photos of the completed project.

Great looking design and great start on the forum! Welcome! Looking forward to what you do next!

Great design! Welcome to the community!

so cute! any chance you’ve been able to photograph your finished piece? thank you so much for sharing!

I completely forgot :frowning: Sorry, I got quite busy for the past week or so. Here it is uploaded using the design I shared above… sans Sunday .


This looks amazing! Can you repost the file with Sunday added?

You are welcome to edit the file to change it how you want - it’s not polite to ask someone who has given you a gift to edit it for you (they may want to edit it, but that’s their choice)

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I will be making the change sometime soon for it :slight_smile: things have been hectic with a few other projects though.


Don’t feel obligated, you’ve already been generous to share here. It takes two minutes to replace that text. Perfect opportunity for people to learn.

This looks really amazing. I have all of the pieces but I’m not sure how to put them together. Can anybody help me out please? Thanks.

First thing… did you cut out a second crescent moon for the base? What you should have is two crescent moons (one with windows and one without).

When it cuts, there are certain pieces you don’t need. You’ll keep the circles with the dates, as well as the black pieces. The red pieces you can discard.

On the bottom, you need to glue the separators (the black pieces shown above) so that they can create a path for the date circles to move through. (see photo)

Once the separators are in place, you would put the circles with the dates in place, and then glue the top to the outer separator and inner ones.


Yes, I have 2 crescents. Thanks so much. I didn’t realize I had ‘red’ and ‘black’ pieces. This will help a lot.

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How do you assemble this

erm… two posts above yours?

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