Another place to get Acrylic

I have found this web site that has a wide assortment of Acrylic. The Price doesn’t seem to bad.

We have over 100 varieties of acrylic sheets in various colors, sizes, styles and textures

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They usually have good stock on hand, but can be a little pricey in some cases.

One commandment for my laser buddies: “Acrylic is fine, but thou shalt not go into the “plastics” section.”


@410bocr; you can put your shop into your profile and people will find it as you post other things to the forum, but straight up commercial posts are not permitted. Please read the FAQ.

Thanks for letting me know. I thought this thred was for “Another place to get Acrylic” and since it was started with a commercial post for Inventbales I thought I could also provide another place to get acrylic. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Hey @deirdrebeth, could you post a link to the FAQ? I took a stab at searching for it and looking around for a pinned post, but was unable to find it. I was aware that affiliate linking is generally a bad practice, but this post seems like it would be useful for offering another USA-based acrylic seller. Since acrylic supplies take over a month to get right now, any other options would be valuable, in my opinion.


People post sources they have no ownership interest in all the time: helping the community without remuneration. To me, that is what the OP is. Posting something you made and then mentioning your etsy shop also seems to be okay. I reread the FAQ and didn’t see direct advertising as a prohibition, however the FAQ links to the terms of service and there is section 3.6.7(b) making any unsolicited offer or advertisement to another user of the Service.

The OP wasn’t asking for sources of acrylic so I guess technically your flagged post was unsolicited. Dan reviews every flagged post and will either unflag it or let it stand.


Hidden in plain sight! Thanks @eflyguy :sparkling_heart:

@caribis2 You got me interested enough to read the full text of both, and the 3.6.7 text (pasted below for reference):

"Interfere with the operation of the Service or any user’s enjoyment of the Service, including by: (a) uploading or otherwise disseminating any virus, adware, spyware, worm, or other malicious code; (b) making any unsolicited offer or advertisement to another user of the Service; (c) attempting to collect personal information about another user or third party without consent; or (d) interfering with or disrupting any network, equipment, or server connected to or used to provide the Service, or violating any regulation, policy, or procedure of any such network, equipment, or server; "

My thoughts after reading it is that there is a fine line, and it comes down to individual preference, aka “any user’s enjoyment of the Service”. For example, I think this current case shouldn’t be flagged, as I found the shop provided useful, where as @deirdrebeth feels like it is an ad that reduces “enjoyment of the service”.

I would say posting about another source for acrylic (even as the seller) is far better than those who post a photo and a link to their Etsy shop so forum users can find to buy, with no other commentary on their make. Value added vs ad spam?

Sorry for hijacking your topic, @stanleycampbell, Inventables is a good place to get hard-to-find acrylic colors and Delrin. Back in the far reaches of time, when Glowforge had delayed their release by another 6 months, part of the “apology”(<-- not sure if that is the right sentiment) was to gift each backer with a $50 Inventables gift card, which was highly appreciated back in the dawn of time ;p

Thanks for sharing it again for all of the new users to learn about it!

(edited for extra hyphen ;p)

Just in case anyone cares I didn’t flag the post. I left the remark saying it shouldn’t be posted, because yeah I did think it crossed into a straight ad. I save flagging for serious cases.


Heh :sweat_smile: Sorry about that, it was more of the hard line explanation in your response post that made me think that you may have been the one to flag it, so I used you as a relevant example to think out the Terms of Service text. Thank you for being a responsible flag-er for the cases that truly need it. Flogger? Flagellator? :joy_cat:

Regardless, this whole discussion has helped me notice the burger menu with the FAQ in it, so I call it a win!

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