Another Pre-Release Sighted!


If you aren’t familiar with Bob from I Like To Make Stuff, you should be! Go check him out!

Yet Another Pre-Release in the wild!
Is Glowforge the next Lily Robotics?
Weekly Highlights for January 8th-14th

Gah!!! It’s ok, I’m cool.

Good to see them going out. Keep it up.


I wasn’t sure if he was going to share that - glad to see he posted. :slight_smile: One of two deliveries that day. I’m pretty sure you’ll hear about the other one soon, too.




Nope can’t appreciate this, I’m just too jealous :disappointed:


Two more on the wild boys!! (and girls, I don’t know if in english boys include everyone as in spanish) :blush:


Oh man!

He’s part of a podcast with David Picciuto and Jimmy Diresta. One of my favorites!


Oh sweet!! While I’m quite jealous I’m excited. Hes quite creative and will put it to good use. :slight_smile:


Ive definitely seen 1 or 2 others floating around in the ether. Instagram shows 3 including myself and ILTMS.


Wasn’t really born with the envy gene so I’ll just have to enjoy the recent progress. Of course, official schedule aside, there is a nagging irritation that it is 7 degrees Fahrenheit outside with snow on the ground. I’m busy, but not with things that make me feel productive. The GF would have been perfect. On the other hand, Spring, Summer and Fall are an exercise in prioritization. So much fun and so little time.


You hint on a real conflict. If I was to get one I don’t know if I’d squeeeeee everywhere or keep it quite for a week so I could play uninterrupted.


That’s way cool. He has a great channel and website with really amazing ideas. He was even referenced lately by @rodrigobrionesm. Cool beans.


Not me. The moment a pre-release unit showed up at my house, everyone would know because it’d be all I could talk about for the foreseeable future.


I too have this problem lol


Very cool. I’ve been enjoying Bob’s channel for a while now. I think he has a nice way of coming up with very cool and interesting, but realistic (both in complexity, as well as in usefulness) projects. I’m excited to see what he does with the Glowforge.