Another question about materials

I guess this would be a question for the folks (staff, Beta, pre-release) who have been using the Glowforge, and that is: have you used it to cut and etch Worbla and/or craft foam? Thinking about the applications in a variety of art projects and costuming work. Thanks.


I think maybe @smcgathyfay has with her laser?

Edit: Yeah! [Here’s] (Light up cake topper made with craft foam) one of her craft foam projects.


Haven’t used the GF yet, but a dude at the local makerspace loved cutting foam to make gliders with. Perhaps obviously, a CO2 laser cuts it like butter.


Here’s great thread on Worbla.

I have a big sheet of it, I’ll have to figure out what to do with it on the GF. :upside_down:


I’d really like to know what kind of foam he is using.

We have not, but there are definitely folks here who have! Great links in the thread.

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Craft foam, as in EVA foam, no problem, just shrinks a bit.
I’m thinking I’d want to be careful if I subjected Worbla to a laser …

Not a very comprehensive description but just enough for me to be cautious …
Excerpt from the Worbla MSDS:

5 Firefighting measures
5.1 Extinguishing media
Suitable extinguishing media: Foam, carbon dioxide (CO2), dry chemical, water-spray
5.2 Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture
No decomposition if stored normally. No hazardous decomposition products known.
Fire may produce: Irritant/corrosive, flammable as well as toxic distillation gases/vapours. In case of fire and/or explosion do not breathe fumes.
5.3 Advice for firefighters
Use breathing apparatus with independent air supply.


But you could if you wanted. From their FAQ:

"Can Worbla be laser cut?

Yes! Worbla’s Finest Art is similar to a wax, and cuts using commercial laser cutters well. You’ll need to test to see what settings work best for you. For example, Volpin Props has cut Worbla with his machine and shared the details here.

Worbla’s TranspArt can be cut with a laser cutter, as shown here by Last Minute Man’s Kitchen.
We do not yet have examples of Worbla’s Black Art being laser cut, but the process is the same."