Another robot in town! (kickstarter)

A friend has been developing an interesting 2d positioning control and feedback system for several years, and he’s launched on Kickstarter!

The use cases seem a little slim at first, but I have a feeling that this is the sort of audience that could use this lil robot to support your boundless creativity!

Curious to hear how anyone might think to use this tool if you choose to add it to your arsenal :slight_smile:


What a fun video :smiley: Good luck to your friend!

Love it, I’ve bern looking at the axidraw and its clones for a while but need 50cm x 50cm. This is just what I’ve been waiting for but I’m a bit suspicious of crowdfunded hardware timelines for some reason, so I’m not all that likely to buy in on this.

Very cool though!


‘some reason’ lol - ALL the reasons to be suspicious of crowdfunded hardware timelines!

I didn’t even notice what his deadline was to be honest, I should go look at that. He’s a pretty accessible guy though, so it could be worth shooting him an email and asking more if you’re interested and on the fence.

It’s not even the the hardware I’m worried about, stepper motors, drivers, microprocessors are all well-established. It’s the software that will take ages to get right. Again, not sure why I have this crazy notion, I just do. :wink:


It looks a lot like the Tooli which I bought, and am ashamed to say I still haven’t used. It’s got all kinds of attachments for pens, dispensers, blades, etc. I just can’t tear myself away from my Glowforge long enough to play with the Tooli.