Another rubber stamp

My neighbor asked if I could make a rubber stamp for a Scottish buddy of his that was into the “highland games”. Apparently a lot of people have their clan stamps and stamp books that fans come by with …? ((Something to that affect). Anyways, he didn’t have one and would only write a signature or the clan name. My neighbor gave me the info/symbol and I came out with these. (thanks :glowforge:)

Apparently he liked them !!! I was impressed with the detail available (I think it was rubber from Johnsons Plastics for laser eng.).


I love to see the rubber stamps people are making! These came out great!


Could you share your settings? I have a couple stamps from inventables, but I haven’t had any luck getting it just right yet.


They really are exceptional! I think that was one of the main things I wanted to do while waiting on the Glowforge to arrive. Too many things in our hopper!


where did you happen to fine the materiel at been looking online

Where did your source the red material behind the stamp?

everything I see shows power at 90% Speed at 310 and lines per inch at 450… :slight_smile:

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