Another shot glass

They were selling these in the souvenir shop for some ridiculous amount. Cost me $10 for a box of 6, and 60 seconds on the GF.

I have no use for them (I drink in larger quantities), but a gift for my daughter (who was with me on the trip), and will come up with meaningful designs for friends.


This genuinely made me laugh out loud. It looks great though! The quality of the etch is really great.


Haaa. Love this - travel, come home, make your own souvenir!


Thank you. My first attempt leaning on settings from other members here, and it came out pretty well. In-person it needs some work, but she and her mom thought it was cool and want more with other designs.

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I am trying to engrave square shot glasses for a friends 50th I have a lot of varying results. I am using the dish soap tip. May I ask what you did you glass came our great. I am either to deep or not enough to look frosted.
Thank you

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Can’t discuss custom settings in this forum, but I just used settings I found in the custom settings spreadsheet linked over in the Matrix in Tips and Tricks, which matched what someone else had used with these same glasses from Amazon.

Thank You