Another take on the riser stand

I had a need for the standard .883" riser, but the small .883" boxes weren’t providing the stability I needed for a largish plaque. I spun this up to give me another option when engraving wider plaques that are too thick for the crumb tray. The original design uses six magnets as you can see, but after trying it out I thought more magnets would make it less likely to move, so I added them in the final design. On my machine, with kerf accounted for, this comes out right at .883", but YMMV, so test a smaller chunk first. I also recommend a double engrave of the circles so the magnets sit down nice. This was done in Inkscape if you need to convert it to some other format.

Here’s a link to the magnets btw. A double engrave will bring them down almost flush.

Riser Stand (2.0 KB)


Nice work, probably saves a bunch of material over a box.

Very nice! I don’t do much trayless work, but that looks like it would support things very well. :grinning:

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So cool! Thanks so much for the design!

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Forgive my ignorance, but what is this for?

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Kind of you to share your design … Thank you!

Thank you for the file.

When your workpiece is over .5" tall, but less than 2", you can remove the crumb tray, but you have elevate the workpiece into the 0-.5" range. Many of us use .883" risers of some kind to accomplish that. Read all about it here.

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I can understand your confusion. The 0.883 has something to do with how folks are doing a “no math” process to elevating materials when removing.the crumbtray.

My brain doesn’t work that way. Easier for me to just do the math in my head.