Another tool to go with your Forge

I got a set of these bottles:

They have a very small metal nozzle, allows for extremely precise application of whatever liquids you might need to apply.

I have 3 bottles currently set up: water, denatured alcohol, and wood glue. I put a band of blue electrical tape around the denatured bottle so I can immediately tell it apart from the water.

I might make a danish oil bottle next, might be handy for touchups.

They have really improved my work flow, just the tiny 1/20" dabs of glue in finger joint notches has saved me a ton of time, vastly reduced glue cleanup (to pretty much zero).


Can you get the wood glue through those things? I’ve got a bunch of them and I keep clogging the tips beyond saving. :neutral_face:

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Maybe you need to thin it with water a little?

Also, I found that I can “unglue” parts with vinegar.


I wipe the tip off and cap it if I’m going to leave it alone for even a minute or two. So far no clogs.


If you’re willing to wait for shipping from China, you can get a ten-pack these bottles from Fastech for under $4, with a variety of cap colors available. They also have a 50-pack of 10mL bottles.


With needle tips, I find that using a straight pin as a stopper and storing the bottles upside down (as long as the glue is relatively thick and the needle is a good fit) is a huge help. (That was actually my first practical cut project, making a little upside-down-glue-bottle holder for my pegboard.)


Using straight pins as stoppers works for a while and then the pins rust and you have a mess. I have found that the nylony plasticy rings that hold tags unto garments work much longer - and no rust. Simply make a snip in the ring and straighten it out and you are ready to go.


It depends on the pin. Yes, some do rust, but I’ve got a few pins that I’ve been using this way for years, rust-free. Anyway, the point is that something inserted into the tip (vs. using a cap) is a good way to keep the needle tips clear – using tag fasteners is a good idea!

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Maybe stainless is the key here.

You might have a few leftover. :wink:

I need to measure the nozzle to see if these would fit.


Whoa Nellie! Just tried one of these things and Man! Is that ever an improvement! Great suggestion! (The Fast Cap Babe Bot I was using positively sux in comparison. And tends to split so avoid it and save a couple of bucks.)

Followup: my glue bottle did actually clog after not using it for a little while. I took the cap off, then took the wire from a bread tie (solid, fairly rigid, and skinny) and pushed it through the tip. Glue was fine after that.

I also am starting to ensure that the tip is clear of glue before I put everything away, I squeeze air through the tip and get it as empty as possible. That might be why it was so easy for me to clean, I dunno.

So, maybe not perfect, but pretty good!


I wonder if these would work with Weldon 16. That stuff has been a lifesaver for me lately but I have some projects coming up where I could use some precision.

Follow up follow up: wood glue bottle still going strong, I have had to use a thin wire to clear the tip once or twice, but usually only if I was dumb and left it uncapped for a while.

The wire I use to clean the top is actually a stripped bread tie. It’s rigid enough and just about the perfect gauge.