FastCap GlueBot, HighBot and BabeBot

In my other crafting … I have precision tipped bottles for glue work. Yesterday I searched online to find something for wood glue. I came across the GlueBot. Rockler’s and Menards carry them, or you can order online from Amazon or FastCap.

When you squeeze the large portion of the bottle it bottom feeds to the small cylinder. When you stop squeezing, it sucks the glue away from the tip … which means the tip is cleared! There are videos on the link below to show how it works.

They come with a blade tip and a thin glue line tip. I switched mine to the Yorker (thin glue line tip). Excited to use it later today.!prettyPhoto


Excellent find! I think I’m going to have to check this out. I wish they made an even smaller one; the BabeBot is still a bit big for some of my uses.

I like a smaller bottle … but, think for most of my Glowforge projects it will be great.

After some time using it … might think about one for my card making and paper crafts.

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I’ve also had good luck with these.

I use one for wood glue where you really need tiny amounts, and they are perfect for water and alcohol.

Just saw this when looking at the post from @Evansd2 where @Jules had a negative comment on the BabeBot. So, guess I’ll see how it goes. :frowning:

I have these and use then as well. Unlike @Jules, I like the BabeBot for most of my GF projects. It’s much easier to control in small spaces. I bought a bunch of the small tips for it, and they’re great; but, some glues can be a bit thicker making flow a bit of a problem.


I’ve been using Gorilla Wood Glue which dries natural color. Hoping it is successful.

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I think it’ll depend on use case. These little dudes put out tiiiiny amounts of glue. Thee have been times where I wished I had donethingthat would put out more, the babe bot has been on my list to try for a while.

There’s no wrong answer! :slight_smile:

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Ooh! Yeah, i wasn’t happy with the Babe-bots at all. :neutral_face:

(Normally I like to give a product the benefit of the doubt, but the first one I used split withing a month, and the second one, although it lasted until I switched to the needle tips that @evansd2 recommended, had a small tear in the tip that oozed glue out the sides when applying. That business about it sucking the glue back from the tip is pure fantasy.)

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Drat! Although, since it’s purchased I will give it a go to see how it goes. I was pretty excited about it, and will keep the second tip it came with as a backup. At $4.79 it’s definitely worth trying.

Saw several un-sponsored videos on YouTube recommending them … and @jbpa. Hopefully it will work out for me. At least for awhile. :slight_smile:


It seems to work for me with standard wood glue, but I tried some craft glues in there, and one (I don’t remember which one) definitely did not drain back. There seems to be a sweet spot where you need to have enough glue in the whole thing to get effective output, but not too much that it doesn’t “pull back” what’s in the tip. I have found that the tips definitely need to be covered when not in use, otherwise, I think the glue dries faster than it drains from the tip.

I haven’t had any problems with splitting, but I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out.

Regardless of the BabeBot, the GlueBot is great for larger woodworking projects.

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Extra tips? I got one of those ages ago, but only the one tip. It’s been OK, but the usual drying problems (don’t use it enough).