Another tool


In photographing stuff especially jewelry I needed something close and steady to get good clean shots. So a quick spin on Inkscape and a run through the Glowforge and voila.


And these are some of the pictures taken with it.



That is from the tablet I am typing on and it does not do good selfies of itself


Very nice! I need to do something similar. :grinning:


This is fantastic! I’ve run into instances several times where I couldn’t get good shots of things that I’ve made… because of the glare on the item…or even more so because of my own shadow being cast over what I’m trying to photograph. Great idea!


Many times (almost every time ) the photos are not crisp or more usually blurry because I cannot hold the camera still enough particularly when close up and the app that acts like a magnifying glass when trying to read tiny print has been nearly useless but no longer. :grin:


What a great idea!


Good idea


Good idea!


That one was a bit rickety so I built another much sturdier.


Where’s the banana for scale?


Anyone can tell you that you can’t get a scale from a banana, You get scales from dragonfruit!
The top Velcro holds the ten inch tablet, and the wood is 0,18 Luan Mahogany plywood