Another way to create SVG files on the Mac

Not sure if I’m sharing in the right spot, but…

I’ve been frustrated at using Illustrator on my Mac (too much horsepower for my addled brain) and I’m delighted to have discovered:

Affinity Designer is a lot like Macromedia Freehand used to be. And it’s only $50.


Thanks all.


You’re in good company! A number of folks are using Affinity Designer on the Mac. And even iOS (I’ve got a copy there). You can even access a whole bunch of tutorials that forum members have created for using AD, here:


Yes! I’ve been working on learning AD, and am really liking it!

I still tend to export the SVG and pull it in to Inkscape for my final layout if I’m using layers to separate print jobs, because I can’t quite get my head around the AD concept of “layers.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I guess I should go watch some more tutorials on that… sigh


I used to do that too, but now I’m 99% AD only!


…and if you’re THE Seth Godin, then how do you like the Glowforge as a Purple Cow? Big fan.

I think you missed this post of his:

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100% AD. (yes…it’s a complete sentence)

Thanks. I had not. Gave me a big laugh. So wait…there are no Kewpies in Kewpie Mayo OR on the cover of Seth’s book although he went to Japan to buy them. They’re faux Kewpie simulacrums. Another topic off course.


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