Another way to protect your surface

I’ve been using many non-PG materials to test the capabilities of my GF (I save the PG when I have a final design). My solution to eliminate surface scorch on a budget was to use tracing paper (full pad was only $4) and some Aleen’s repositionable tacky spray (pictured). You only need a super light coat (single pass) and it holds. This stuff has worked very well, as I can remove the remnants as easily as the PG materials and does a fine job at scorch prevention. Hope you find this useful.



Could you name the tracing paper pad ?
I don’t need nursemaiding, but your success just might be the particular combination you used !

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I thoroughly enjoy your presence here. Just thought I’d let you know.




Everyone with a glowforge should be buying a roll of thise honestly


Or this significantly cheaper but perfectly adequate alternative:


So Helpful! Thanks for this tip (and thank you to everyone with follow-on product tips).

Certainly, I just grabbed this. I didn’t really consider my buying options. I might have gone cheapest or the first thing I found. I knew that I wanted a thin sheeting though, tracing paper seemed the correct choice.


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I got a roll of brown kraft paper type masking to use for painting projects. I keep a can of Locktite light duty adhesive and spray it on the kraft paper only. It removes fairly easily. Works best on finished wood or nicely smooth hardwood but not on a rougher, cheaper plywood.

Great tip! Thanks!!